Learn to code

Starting in November 2013 I will be running workshops which teach people how to build websites in HTML and CSS. If you would like to learn how to make a website then make sure to grab a ticket.

Whilst I’m improving the workshop, I’ll be giving tickets away for free. I expect that they’ll go fast! Be sure to check out the workshop details where you can subscribe to be notified when tickets become available.


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SVG for Web

I recently gave a talk at Front End London about creating resolution independent graphics. It was similar to the talk I gave at Responsive Day Out, except that I did a live coding session on animating SVG’s.

The talk went pretty well, but at the end someone noticed that I was exporting my SVG files with 4 decimal places of precision. They asked if that was a little overkill and if I had thought about reducing that down. Embarrassing.

Well in order to redeem myself, I’ve modified the amazing Fireworks plugin, Export and made the changes I wanted to it. These mainly relate to creating much smaller SVG files than the plugin made by default. The original plugin wasn’t bad, but it needed a bit of yak shaving. I’ve called my version SVG for Web.

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