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It’s been an age since I’ve written a post on my blog. I’m going to break the habit and be updating it far more regularly.

My last post mentioned I was running some workshops in December. They went really well. Two intense one day workshops. At the end, the attendees learnt HTML and CSS, and managed to publish their first websites, all written from scratch!

Here’s a few links:

I think they’re great, and a remarkable accomplishment after only a single day! You’ll notice how kitten obsessed we all are. Well actually, that’s mainly due to placekitten, an awesome website for random kitten images in all dimensions!

Many thanks to Kyle Drake for creating Neocities. It’s perfect for uploading content without learning about Git, FTP or web hosts (which would really have stretched the workshop!)

I’d also like to thank Remy Sharp for JS Bin which saved the day when the projector stopped working half way though my workshop. Using the live reload feature I was able to show code and output directly on the attendees screens. Magic!


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Learn to code

Starting in November 2013 I will be running workshops which teach people how to build websites in HTML and CSS. If you would like to learn how to make a website then make sure to grab a ticket.

Whilst I’m improving the workshop, I’ll be giving tickets away for free. I expect that they’ll go fast! Be sure to check out the workshop details where you can subscribe to be notified when tickets become available.

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